Who developed CA's Data Model Validator?

Who developed DB-Examiner, Data Model Analyzer, ERWin Examiner and CA's ALLFusion Data Model Validator?

All these software are based on a system developed in the city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1991, called Data Model Designer, or DMD, as it was known. DMD was the first tangible product of a complex project called Data Workstation. The intellectual author, designer and leader of the development team was Jorge Marmion, a software engineer and senior database consultant born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Data Model Designer was successfully used by several of the biggest Brazilian companies or subsidiaries, among them C&A Modas, Fuji Film, Sanyo da Amazonia, Credicard/Mastercard, Safra Holding, Banco Bandeirantes, Banco Sudameris, TVA, Sao Paulo Alpargatas, Itauprev Seguros, Banco do Estado do Parana, Banco Itau, Editora Abril, Companhia Paulista de Seguros, Acos Villares, Petroquimica Uniao, Gomes de Almeida, Fernandes, Maritima Seguros.

Later, in the mid 90's, Marmion founded, along with Paul T. Sterbutzel and Luiz Carlos Siqueira, DBE Software, Inc. DMD rights were transferred that company and the product renamed as DB-Examiner.

Jorge Marmion was in charge of development until January, 1996. He currently lives in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

This is the story of the development of the software nowadays distributed by Computer Associates as ERwin Examiner and still distributed by DBE Software as DB-Examiner.